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Wooden boxes



Box -Key


The curvilinear wooden box

Thuillier farm key box

This box with curved shapes reveals the natural lines of the wood
and pivots to leave space for a precious key.


Box - Flower


Rose casket

A box with a top decorated with a finely carved rose
consists of 3 interior compartments.


wooden box



Box - Horsham


Horsham box


writing desk

Marquetry box with checkerboard top,
in ash, olive tree, and walnut wood,
was crafted for a Franco-Australian exchange project.
The inner box contains a desk and a feather with subtly carved streaks.


Box - Game

Several species of wood were used to make this limited edition box. The assembling was done with tenons and mortises. The interlaced hearts and crosses in the marquetry are symbols of the Yotoy company, which has designed this new board game.



Red box

Game casket



Box - Royal


Game box


Heart casket

English box restored
in walnut veneer, sycamore wood, and mahogany.
Interior restored and re-varnished.