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Craft company


Artisanal company

Craft company created by M. John-Luc Godard. The wood working is a family tradition.
He holds the title of Master Craftsman Cabinetmaker. He designs custom furniture and manufactures:

- Comtemporary and designer furniture,
- Marquetry furniture and portraits,
- French furniture style,
- The traditional furniture of Picardy region,
- Carpentry and arrangement,
- Restoration and makeover.

The manufacturing is carried out on demand, you can bring a scheme, a photo of the desired model and the dimensions required for the definition of your project.

Jean-Luc Godard



Craft production

This craft production allows to acquire quality furniture, whether contemporary or stylish at a time when production is standardized on a global level. These pieces of furniture are designed to cross a few generations. The wood used is not reconstituted, it comes from our forests.

The management of French forests is recognized as being one of the best with a regular renewal of the planting of trees, essential to prosper in a healthy and sustainable way. Wood is an inexhaustible, renewable and recyclable material whatever its use. Even cut, wood continue to trap carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.

Buffet 3 portes 3 tiroirs



The expertise has grown over time, the disciplines have gradually been enriched, from carpentry to cabinetmaking until carving and marquetry including the realization of portraits, boxes, and restoration as well as transformation of furniture, without forgetting contemporary furniture see design.




1985: Jean-luc GODARD - cabinetmaker woodcarver inlayer

Heir to a valuable know-how he has participated in several exhibitions in Amiens, Conty, Chartres, Reviers, Paris and the United Kingdom. To complete his knowledge, he took courses at the School of Fine Arts.

Jean-luc works with designers to produce contemporary pieces infusing Anglo Saxon culture into his work. Following a successful UK exhibition, he worked for 2 years with cabinetmakers in the Uk.

Ancestral techniques acquired over time, and his training in new technologies allows him to manufacture quality pieces of furniture. Jean-Luc's ongoing exposure to different regional styles continues to add new facets to his creativity.


1950: Louis GODARD - cabinetmaker woodcarver

Specialized in Picardy furniture, he made stylish furniture and some marquetry furniture. After a few years spent in the family business, he had set up his worshop in the street "Rue d'en bas". The clientele was mainly French but some Europeans wished to acquire his furniture.


1920: Georges GODARD - cabinetmaker

He will take over and will do prosper the workshop. He will employ up to seven people and will plan many developments for the business. This regional furnishing, will sold all over France. He was known for his "strok of a pen" for drawing.


1880: Joseph GODARD - joiner

He was the first of the family to be interested in woodworking. He began by instal a workbench near the bread oven, in the street "d'en Bas". There were many workshops in the village and Picardy furniture was booming. He learned his trade with the locals woodworkers.