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Furniture exhibition


Designer-makers from both Sussex and the Somme region in Northern France come together for the first time to exhibit their work and celebrate the diversity of wood in design and European culture.

This unique exhibition will showcase high-quality hand-crafted furniture designed and made by local artisans using responsibly sourced local timbers, a naturally renewable resource. Meet the makers and see how traditional methods continue to inspire modern designs. See hand-carving and marquetry demonstrations.

View exhibits for sale including hand-made chairs, tables, and cabinets, in traditional, and modern styles, incorporating marquetry, steam bending and hand-carving, with Sussex makers using timbers sourced responsibly from the Sussex landscape.

Held at the award-winning Woodland Enterprise Centre near Flimwell. Organized by Action in rural Sussex in conjunction with Weald WoodNet and the Chambre de Métiers in Somme as part of the Rural Business Networks Project.


By M E - BBC octobre 8th 2005



Cabinet makers


Six cabinet makers from the Picardy region of northern France visited various makers at their workshops throughout Sussex in May - an opportunity to see how different makers work, to discuss methods, equipment, workshops, timber, and finance, and to see finished products of varied style. Potential business links are being fostered with the possibility of designs being sold, skills being contracted, and new markets being developed. French and English participants will be exhibiting furniture in a unique show at the Woodland Enterprise Centre on October 7th, 8th, 9th. English participants will travel to Picardy in November to visit workshops and sawmills.

This exchange is organized by Action in Rural Sussex in conjunction with Weald WoodNet and the Chambre de Metiers in the Somme as part of the Rural Networks Project.

M. Spooner furniture maker

M. Spooner, Sussex furniture maker, and master woodcarver,
explaining his finishing techniques to visiting cabinet makers from Picardy July-August 2005

- News July- August 2005