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Marquetry furniture


Marquetry sideboard, unique piece

Chest of drawers in cherry wood, Transitional style, 3 drawers,
Marquetry with bouquet of flowers in front,
And mosaic of cubes at the bottom and sides.
marble top, bronze ornamentation.This achievement represents 150 hours of work.


Marquetry - Sideboard


Marquetry sideboard

Buffet Louis XVI style, cherry wood,
With a marquetry top, damier pattern,
4 doors, 4 drawers, ornamentation in bronze and brass.

marquetry sideboard

sideboard Louis 16 style


Marquetry - Secretary


Secrétaire à damier

Secretary, Louis XVI style,
checkerboard marquetry cherry wood,
marble top, brass foot
this achievement represents 400 hours of work.


Bedside table


Marquetry bedside table


Marquetry table


French table

Marquetry table with lozenges, Louis XVI style, cherry wood
2 extensions and 1 double-sided extension: parquet and back with a carpet for the game.

Table en marqueterie


Marquetry bedroom



French marquetry bedroom, french style Louis 15
with motorized mattress


Bookcase contemporary



Bookcase with contemporary marquetry in sycamore,
with 8 doors,marquetry roses and regional birds.


marqueterie contemporaine oiseaux

Finest marquetry for bespoke furniture

Bibliotheque en marqueterie



Removable table


Removable table

Roses inlaid in this removable table.


Marquetry table




Marquetry wardrobe

Marquetry roses


The marquetry was developed in France in the 16th century but it was created in Egypt at the origin.
The work is to manufacture and apply a decoration with various veneers.
The patterns are inspired by the classic themes but the geometric shapes are now trend. 
All patterns and shapes are possible. The marquetry is also applied on the Design furniture