Dovetail: Queue d'aronde is the word used in french, aronde come from the former name of the dove (in shape of dove tail).

Queue arronde



Furniture leg with volute: Snail shell shaped leg.

Pied à volute


Mortises and tenons: Word mortises comes from Mortaira in language of provence region (Old French) Notch made in a wood part to receive the tenon of another part. (Mortoise word used in Canada)


Shema Tenon mortaise


Rack : Cremaillère is the word used for the rod with several notches, allowing the shelves to be adjusted to the desired height.





Woody and compact material of trees. There are hardwoods like oak, softwoods like poplar, fruit woods like walnut, softwoods like spruce and exotic woods such as iroko.

Wood has been used for the manufacture of furniture since the Middle Ages and continues to fascinate cabinetmakers, scientists, engineers, academics, architects, designers. Yale University in the United States has identified 43,545 different types of wood turpentines.

Wood, the eco-material par excellence, is infinitely renewable, combats the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide and rejecting oxygen, and this action continues when the wood is transformed into furniture.

Wood improves science in the medical field through biomechanics. Researchs of professor Claus Mattheck and his team in Germany made it possible to study mechanical subtleties which make it possible the trees to support their own weight. (the surgical pins are now by holding account of physical laws which governs the trees).