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Tenon-Mortaise: comes from Mortaira in procençal (Old French) Notch made in a wood part to receive the tenon of another part. Mortoise. In Canada. Mortise.



The wood, the eco-material by excellence : is renewable ad infinitum. do not give off any toxic matter at the time of its combustion>- fight against the effect of greenhouse by the absorption of dioxide of carbon and discharge of oxygen.- it improves the science in the biomechanics.

Wood is used for the manufacture of the pieces of furniture since the Middle Ages and does not cease fascinate cabinetmakers, scientists, engineers, academics, architects, designers : The university of Yale in the United States listed 43 545 different wood turpentines, Researchs of professor Claus Mattheck and his team in Germany made it possible to study mechanical subtleties which make it possible the trees to support their own weight. (the surgical pins are now by holding account of physical laws which governs the trees). Trees plays a vital role in the eco-system. (The use of recycled paper is a first step for the preservation of bio-diversity, the purchase of wooden furniture is a second and to give priority to the local wood and not tropical wood imported from another continent is a third).