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Vignacourt sideboard


The Vignacourt sideboard is a key element of picardy furniture.


The Vignacourt sideboard has an excellent quality reputation by the accurately mounting, the specific woodcarving, and the iconic Rose of Picardy ! The sideboard is decorated with carved floral panels ; it is generally made out of wild cherry tree wood, which allows the carver to achieve finely detailed sculptures that have an unmatched patina and finish

The value of a Vignacourt sideboard is determined by the smoothness of the carving and its final assembly which follows a strict code of practice. In many examples the Picardy and wild rose are carved on the doors with a heart symbolising marriage as the centrepiece of the furniture.

The manufacture of the Vignacourt sideboards started about 1860. This furniture has a wonderful reputation
thanks to the smoothness of the decorative panels and the care that goes into the final assembly.
Traditionally, the sideboard formed part of the dowry of a bride.


Traite 7 portes

Vignacourt sideboard with 7 doors.


Traite de vignacourt
Vignacourt sideboard with 5 doors.



Vignacourt sideboard with 5 doors.


Vignacourt sideboard with 4 doors.