The Childers French sculpture


Childers sculpture

The Childers French sculpture


This marquetry sculpture was created for the Childers town, in the region of Queensland located in Australia. Every details have important meaning:

 - The poppies have been done in Jarrah wood, it come from a Australian sawmill thanks to Mr Lazarides, to honor the memory of the allied soldiers..

- The cornflower is the emblem of the french soldiers.

- The eyes in marquetry are inspired by one Thuillier collection photo.

- The flame have been manufactured in oak: this wood come from a tree who has grow up less 2 miles from the wagon where the armistice have been signed.  You can see traces of one bomb fragment.

- The bird have been created by Father André Marie,  with bullet fragments.

 - The rose is the symbolic flower carved on Vignacourt sideboard, an emblematic piece of furniture from Picardie.