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Art nouveau style



Copy of the Emile Galle's table "dragonflies"


This is a copy of Emile Galle table with 2 marquetry trays and 3 legs in the shape of dragonflies, with globular eyes and fairly long wings.The original piece is presented at the Royal museum of Fine Arts of Belgium.

The art nouveau is a style began in 1880s until 1910s. It was inspired by the nature, floral and vegetal motifs. There is a need of renewal at the dawn of a new century.

Many architects, glass masters, cabinetmakers, ceramists held a deep interest for modern style, it spread throughout Europe. Galle, Guimard, Lalique, Mackintosh, Majorelle and Tiffany are names were associated at the Art nouveau style.

Several pieces are exhibited at museum Orsay, at the museum of the School of Nancy and Fine Arts of Bruxelles.


Art nouveau style