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Traditionnal furniture of Picardy


Picardy's furniture is made up of functional elements like the specific sideboard, table at bread, "étimier" for the tin pots, draining board, armchair, chairs, cradle. The sideboard is decorated with typical carvings.


Vignacourt sideboard

vignacourt sideboard

Vignacourt sideboard: is a key element of Picardy furniture with floral patterns.



Etimier fond plein


"Etimier" : for the tin pots with shelves at full bottom
At the origin, Etimier drainer was used like a dish drainer.
Today, this is a perfect furniture for the entrance with the small depth.





Picardy armchair is equipped with 4 crosspieces on the back, its base is heap of sheaves.


clock . clock of Picardy

Picardy clock was always placed in the common room. Now, it takes place in the dining room.



pots barre

"Potière" : Mural element being used to suspend the pots.




"Le séage" with 2 doors, 2 drawers and a central open space.


Bread table


Picardy bread table is a removable table, the circular plate is folding.
The bread was cut at the origin on this table.